My Life Is Stuck

Most women have no clue of their purpose and what they are assigned to do in life. Thus begins the midlife crisis(which could happen at any given time). You know, that period in life where you watch all of your friends get married, start businesses, excel in careers, have children and simply live out their DREAM LIFE..........but you're stuck. That's usually where we draw back from our friends, sit in the house, gain weight and become stuck!!! Most people mistake being stuck for depressed. And although if you're stuck long enough, depression can surely set in, you just have to find your purpose in moving from the stuck place before you are bound by depression,  The great thing being stuck is you have the OPTION of moving from one place to another!!! That option to move from one place to another speaks volumes to your purpose. I heard my Pastor say " Whatever you're passionate about, is what you'll spend most of your time doing". Monitor you daily activities, cultivate your gift, Pray for direction and your purpose will come into fruition.