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Meet Stephanie


Stephanie Rowell, bold in her approach and prophetic in her messages, has encouraged so many women to birth and become their purposes. A spiritual vessel, Rowell has shown women that they are equipped with everything that they’ve been searching for, they just have to realize it. Operating under the anointing of the Holy Spirit she has rightfully earned her titles as both the “Giant Slayer” in the pulpit and the “Jewel Dropper” to those who consider her a mentor. God has entrusted her to teach and she has done just that.


Through her own journey of self-pilgrimage she has been allowed to reach those who are lost, and reignite purpose in those who are lethargic. Her humility in conversation has encouraged her audiences to not only listen to her, but appreciate everything she has to say. She is dedicated to her calling and has welcomed others into her world of prayer and purpose through her co-founded marriage ministry, “A Couple’s Prayer”, her co-authored book A Couple’s Prayer Daily Devotions and her full time blog “From the Wife’s Perspective”. Each of these projects have been geared towards the betterment of all while acknowledging the perspectives and voices of women.


She has also founded KRT Corporate Investments and Camilleon Enterprises all while being a devoted wife and mother of three. Her expert counsel continues to guide women to and through the process of fulfilling their purposes. If she hasn’t left you with a word she has definitely left you with some much needed advice; and if she has yet to introduce you to your best self, she has surely given you faith in knowing that they aren’t too far away. An author, speaker, preacher of the gospels and marriage counselor, Rowell has clearly and skillfully recognized her purpose. Her husband, Elder Earnest Rowell and three children, Keiajah. Terrell and Trenton all support her in her passion. You can connect more with Stephanie on her website, 


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